A Little About Me....

Who is Ken Henderson? Well I’m a digital polymath. I help organizations get their digital assets in order, to maximize their Return on Investement (ROI) on marketing and daily business operations.

I’m currently the CEO of Sublime Digital as well as a father of four beautiful girls.

My philosophy is to have fun, while I get the job done.

I like working with people who are serious about results and work hard to achieve them but are laid back and have a good time doing it.

If you’re looking to grow OR organize your business then we should talk. Using tools like Facebook and other social media platforms and the ever expanding Zoho Suite of software, I take organizations to their next level.

I’ve worked with some cool people in the world some of them you may know, but all that matters is what I can do for your organization.

Contact me today and lets chat, if anything we”ll find out if were a good match to work together and if not then we’ll part as friends and avoid a disaster.

Life is short, so dream big and go for it and make a few friends and smile along the way.

Much success in all your endeavors.

-Ken “This guy is amazing” Henderson